Kevin and Victor, aka Mundopal, were born in the 18th district of Paris. As they went out clubbing, progressively they realized what techno meant to them : a heavy concentration of power and groove. 
The alchemy in the club, the crowd, the heat, the bodies moving together following the beat : all of these elements pushed them to start « created » techno music. They realized they wanted to be actors, and not spectators. They formed a duo and quickly prepared a live set which they are now playing in several parisian clubs.

In their tiny laboratory, they combine their know-how and their machines. Any little sound is recordable, transformable, limitless... 
When they are on stage, they send their set patterns and recompose their tracks as they manipulate their machines, each of them having a different impact on the set.. 
Mundopal built all of its productions with these machines. 

Mundopal has been trying for now 2 years to defend the techno codes with a Live Set. Their music is not only an hommage to the classics, it is also an ode to new experimentations.



Décembre 2014 : NOMAD  @ La Maroquinerie w/ Hollen, Citizen Kain, Baastel (LIVE)
7 Novembre 2015: TUNNEL @crayère de monquartiers Skudge, Torb (LIVE)
9 Avril 2016 : Techno Forest @Case à choc (suisse) w/ Charles Fenckler
16 Juin 2016 : Oyé Festival @ 6B w/ SCHXCHX... (LIVE)
21 Octobre 2016 : Oyé @La Station Gare des Mines w/ TORB (Live)
21 Janvier 2017 : Fils de Venus @La machine du moulin rouge (Live) w/ Leonie Pernet
7 Avril 2017: @ Sonic (Lyon) (LIVE) w/ Le Vasco
21Juin 2017: Teuf de la Zik @ La Station Gare des Mines (LIVE)
Plage du Glazart 3 aout 2017 / AMS booking w/ Paul Seul Waldman
25 octobre 2017 halle lapin / Hydropathes
31 octobre Rave Beaubourg / Parallele
25 Nov Station gare des mines / Radiolaria
24 Janvier / Batofar w/ Morbeck